Rules & Information

Revised: 10/17/18

I. League Fee
A. $175 per team; payable in full at draft
B. No transactions allowed until paid in full

II. Cash Distribution
A. First - $500; Second - $350; Third - $250; Fourth - $200; Fifth - $150
B. MVPs and Cy Youngs - $25 each (4)
C. Rookies of Year - $25 each (2)
D. Silver Sluggers - $25
E. Golden Arms - $25
F. Power Weeks - $50 each (4)
G. Commish.com, NJRBL site, & Trophy - $250

III. Stat Categories
A. Hitting
1. Batting Average (x1)
2. Runs Batted In (x1)
3. Homeruns (x1)
4. Runs Scored (x1)
5. Total Bases Plus Stolen Bases (x1)
6. On Base Percentage (x1)
B. Pitching
1. Earned Run Average (x1.5)
2. Walks + Hits / Innings Pitched (x1)
3. Saves (x1)
4. Wins - Losses (x1)
5. Innings Pitched (x1)
a. 1000 Innings Pitched Required
b. Team is placed last in both WHIP and ERA if requirement is not met
c. Requirement is prorated for partial seasons
6. Strikeouts / Innings Pitched (x.5)
C. Any category changes require unanimous approval

IV. Rosters
A. IN Season (opening day - first pitch of playoffs)
1. 23 active players (9 pitchers/14 hitters)
2. 7 reserve players
3. Free Saver status
a. Three Free Savers will be preliminarily designated on opening day
b. The Free Saver designations can be changed up until a week after the season ends
c. To be eligible a player must have been in reserves on opening day and not transacted
d. Max of three Free Saver designations per franchise
e. Each franchise has responsibility for notification of designation changes
f. Free Saver designations are final one week after season
B. OUT of Season (first pitch of playoffs - day before opening day)
1. 10 Savers - due March 1st each year
2. Free Savers do not count as one of 10
C. Draft
1. Draft in lots of 2 until 30 players on roster; last place to first place

V. Positions
A. Hitters (14)
1. 2 Catchers
2. 1 First Baseman, Third Baseman, Shortstop, and Second Baseman
3. 5 Outfielders
4. 1 Utility
5. 1 Corner Infielder and 1 Middle Infielder
B. Pitchers (9)
1. No SP/RP requirements; no vacant spots allowed
C. Eligibility
1. Position eligibility is determined by the stat service
a. There will be no manual adjustments to what is provided
2. The Official position eligibility will be listed on the Player Page
3. Since we are a carry over league there may be some inconsistency on the Roster Page
a. The Commissioner will reserve all saved players after March 1st to reset
b. Players can also be reserved again at a later date if the position they
are playing is not listed on the Player Page
4. Stat Service Settings
a. 20 games played at a MLB position last year
b. 10 games played at a MLB position in the current year
c. Shortened season will reduce requirements on a prorated basis

VI. Transactions
A. Transactions between Reserves and Active are unlimited
B. Each Owner is responsible for setting a valid line up each week
1. Stat Service deadline is prior to first games of week
2. Owners with site access limitations can make line up changes via email
or message board posting. There is a strict noon deadline.
3. The Commissioner has discretion to correct illegal line ups
4. Problems encountered should be posted to the League Message Board
C. Waiver Claims
1. Unlimited waiver claims per week; available players always on waivers
2. Waiver claims will begin on the first Thursday night of the season
3. Waivers will run on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights
4. Players dropped go on waivers for a period of one day
5. All players are awarded based on waiver priority
a. Priority for Week 1 is inverse of prior year standings
b. Priority will reset each week based on inverse of current standings
c. New week begins on Monday
6. Franchises are responsible for making sure they have a valid line up on Monday
7. There will be no manual workarounds added for site limitations
8. The last day to do add/drops is the last Sunday night of the scheduled regular season

D. Trades
1. Trade cycles are IN season and OUT of season (see rosters)
2. In season trade deadline is second Sunday in August
3. Delay pay deals involving players as the future consideration are not allowed
a. Only draft picks or free savers are future considerations allowed in a delay pay deal
b. Any Owner can request clarification within one week of an announced deal if delay pay is suspected
c. If not satisfied with explanation a league wide vote can be requested
d. Simple majority of franchises not involved in the deal is needed to reverse the deal
e. Reversed deals are also subject to a possible punishment phase
f. The Owner requesting the league vote decides the possible punishment
g. Possible punishments include loss of draft picks, save spots, trade restrictions, etc..
h. Simple majority of franchises not involved in the deal is needed to enact punishment
5. A trade involving draft picks should be specific; No trades for "unused selections at end of draft"
6. Players acquired in OUT of season must be saved
7. A single team can put together a multi-team deal without the knowledge or consent of all teams involved
a. A team can specifically state that they do not want a dealt player to be traded in a multi-team deal that week
b. Players involved in a same week multi-team deal are not officially members of any roster they pass through
8. Trades should be announced in entirety including any future considerations
9. Trades must be confirmed by all parties with Commissioner to be official
a. Deadline for a given week is Sunday night at 8PM
b. Extended to 10PM at the trade deadline
c. The deadline for All Star Week is Wednesday night at 8PM
10. Commissioner must approve any trade before it becomes official
11. Commissioner can veto any deal on grounds of collusion or suspected delay pay

VII. Miscellaneous
A. Expansion
1. See rule changes (VII/E) for approval process
2. Expansion terms decided on case by case basis
B. Tiebreaker Standings/Power Weeks
1. Most number of firsts, seconds, etc.. until tie is broken
2. ERA counts 1.5; K Ratio counts .5
3. Multiple teams work same way
C. Commissioner has authority to interpret all rules, settle disputes, etc..
D. Rule Changes
1. Proposed rule changes must be "coauthored" by two franchises or the Commissioner
2. Proposed rule changes will be put to a vote of the entire league
3. Each franchise receives one vote
4. If approved unanimously the change is effective immediately
5. If approved by 8 franchises the rule is effective in one year
E. 'Play In' games will count in the standings if the stat service provides.